Pooria Morovati | Front-End Developer

Hi! I'm Pouria

I started programming when I was 12 and entered the world of web at the age of 18. During all these years I have learned that a great developer is not the one who writes magical code, but it's someone who writes self-explanatory code for other developers to easily understand.
I always try to keep myself updated and deliver on-time through effort and communication.


Work Experience


The starting point for fashion

Responsibilities: Front-End engineer in Partner Tech, facilitating the communication between Zalando and suppliers.

Achievements: I actively join and present in the community meetups, I have driven a few projects, some of them proactively. I created alerting and monitoring for all of the applications. I ran a hacktivity which affects multiple teams and removes the need for a back-end, reducing system load and costs. I offered a standard for code review in the team, inspired by google's code reviewers' guide. I wrote a post-mortem and attended architecture guild meetings. I proactively automated a few tools used internally by the team. I was chosen to be a trainer in a zalando-wide training course, a11y for engineers. I found out problems with flaky tests and fixed them. I added sentry with source maps for all of the applications. I fixed a few problems with package management and package discrepancy among different systems. I also removed redundant resources from k8s cluster that caused a few domains to be inaccessible.

Mobilabsolutions GmbH

Mobilab is a software engineering company based in Cologne, Germany.

Responsibilities: Developing the front-end (and sometimes the node.js backend) of the client “stadtenergie” with 40,000 users.

Achievements: I listed syntactic and performance problems in the current codebase and found solutions for them. I tried to improve the code quality and code review mechanism and therefore the quality of code improved I also made a chrome extension that turns Jira ticket names into git branch names. In 2020, I worked with this company as freelancer, and later I was invited to move to Germany and work as a full-time developer. I have created more than 100 PRs in less than three months.

Cafebazaar Cloud (Sotoon)

By providing smart technologies, Sotoon enables developers and businesses to focus only on developing what differentiates their products or services.

Responsibilities: Developing the front-end of an annotation tool using Vue.js.

Achievements: I designed many new components and fixed a lot of technical debts. I also refactored the code and broke the components into small pieces to improve the maintainability of the code. I worked with two teams at the same time. One of my most important achievements in this company was creating an advanced logger that sends the logs to the server based on the batch size and time.

Toggl Hire

Toggl Hire is on a mission to revolutionize the way hiring happens. I worked with this company as a freelance expert and made several batches of JavaScript and PHP questions for the platform. The work was admired several times by the reviewers.


Responsibilities: Full website developed, react for front-end and WP-Rest for back-end.

Achievements: I worked so closely with the product owners and delivered high quality and highly customizable website. It is a react application with the PageSpeed score of A (90%).


Lyft was a startup with the same business model as Airbnb Experiences', but more diverse in types of supported events.

Responsibilities: I was the only developer of this startup and created the whole system.

Achievements: The PageSpeed score of the website was A (96%). Techs used in this project: React, Redux, Redux Thunk, Material UI, Socket.io, Advanced real-time seat selection system. QR-code ticket scanner which was instantly synchronized between all ticket- checker devices. Service workers to make the app offline-first. Particularly, the ticket-checker page could work offline and send the data to the server as soon as there was an internet connection.


Begoody was a startup, facilitating hairdressers and beauty salons appointments with a great online interface.

Responsibilities: I was the only developer of the team and created the whole application.

Achievements: In a short time, I created an application using Laravel framework with an advanced calendar exactly like Google Calendar, and a smart free time-slot finder to help the hairdressers use their time at its best.